Impact of vocational training and vocational orientation on students' choice of technical careers at the Leonidas Grueso George Educational Unit.

Introduction: vocational training and guidance are fundamental for the advancement and triumph of students in both their academic and professional endeavors, as they equip them with crucial decision-making tools before selecting further studies aligned with their professional passions and social demands. Objectives: the proposed objective of the study is to evaluate how the implementation of a vocational training and guidance strategy fosters students' propensity to choose career paths for their educational progress at the "Leonidas Gruezo George" Educational Unit in the 2024 school year. Methodology: the research adopted a quantitative approach characterized by detailed, correlational and applied research. Employing inductive and synthetic analytical methods, data were collected through surveys using questionnaires exploring socio-cultural aspects, involving a cohort of 47 students with post-secondary education as they approached a crossroads in their technical career options. Results: The results obtained after the training revealed a change in the students' perception of their preferred career paths, with technical fields becoming the most favored disciplines, illustrating the positive impact of vocational training on career decision making. Conclusions: It was observed that the intervention process through vocational training and vocational guidance, as students were initially inclined towards health, administration, and education-oriented careers and then their perception changed towards technical careers due to their characteristics and advantages. This suggests that vocational training exerted a favorable influence on the students' career prospects.

Tita Adela Medina Min, Angelina Parra de la Paz, Paulina Mesa Villavicencio