All collaborations, including those submitted by the editors or members of the editorial board, are initially evaluated by the editorial committee, who supervise compliance with the criteria established in the instructions for authors. Failure to comply with any of these requirements is reported to the corresponding author.

After this verification, the documents are sent confidentially to external peer reviewers, who evaluate the scientific and academic quality. For the selection of peer reviewers, we are looking for professionals who have publications on the same topic, who have published at least one article in indexed journals in the last two years and who do not have a potential conflict of interest. Peer reviewers act as referees to issue their opinion on the quality of the work and make the pertinent observations or recommendations for publication. The identity of the authors and reviewers is not disclosed.

Upon receiving the concepts from external academic peers, a decision is made: final acceptance, acceptance with adjustments, or rejection. The journal sends the concept of peer reviewers to the corresponding author for consideration.