CIENCIA DIGITAL is a quarterly multidisciplinary magazine, published in electronic format. Its mission is to contribute to the training of competent professionals, with a humanistic and critical vision, who are capable of presenting their research and scientific results, to the same extent that positive changes in society are promoted through their intervention.

The vision is to become a publication and communication space, a model and a reference for all members of the scientific community, both national and international.

The objective is to establish a link between the teaching and research work of the educational community and its participants with the State, Society and the International Academy in order to contribute to the development of the individual and society in general. It publishes original scientific and technological research articles, academic articles, literature reviews and scientific reflections. All of them are aimed at readers with higher education, university professors or not, and those who are interested in knowing, broadening and deepening, from academic and scientific perspectives.


The Digital Science Journal is aimed at researchers, teachers, students and the academic audience at its different levels (Initial, Basic, University), as well as the scientific community in general and other people involved in education.

In order to maintain the quality of the publication and its impartiality and ethics, the articles or essays received are evaluated by two external reviewers (peer-review) considered experts in the fieldwho accredit as such those selected collaborators, taking place a double-blind review (author/s-evaluers). The evaluators will act under the criteria of competence, confidentiality, impartiality and honesty, diligence, respect and courtesy.